Stray dogs Pooping in my Zoysia

Stray dogs Pooping in my Zoysia

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TommyTucker – posted 05 July 2005 17:30

How can I keep the stray dogs from pooping in my front yards Zoysia grass. I live in Atlanta, GA. There are yards on both side of my yard, but I am the only one with Zoysia. It seems as if they favore my yard over any of the others. I have to clean up piles almost on a daily bases. I have tried “DEER Away”, but it’s hard to see if it works because it has been raining very regular here. I don’t own a dog of my own, and I’m starting to hate those who do! Please help!!

kyleinmarietta – posted 05 July 2005 19:08

Are they really strays, or do you have rude neighbors who don’t clean up after their dogs? If you can catch ’em, most dog owners are sensible enough to understand that your yard is important to you, and would they please have their pet poop in its own yard?

If you do it in a friendly way, you’ll usually get the response you desire.

On the other hand…

In my old neighborhood, one of my neighbors saw a dog (on a lead) poop in her yard. She grabbed her shovel, scooped up the poop, and followed the dog walker home with it. Then she dropped the poop on the front step of the home with the other homeowner watching. Not very nice, but effective.

BedfordTX – posted 12 July 2005 09:08

12 ga. works pretty well.

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