St. Augustine Problem

St. Augustine Problem

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heyjude146 – posted 25 May 2011 13:21

My St. Augustine lawn in the north Houston area is not doing well. In the summer of 2009 chinch bugs hit it hard and I dethatched the lawn. It came back somewhat last year but not well. This year I had a sprinkler system put in and the lawn was doing much better – My lot is sloped so wasn’t retaining the water well with a hose and “placed” sprinklers. Then the lawn started to look “faded” in spots and didn’t look so great – I had cut the time back on the sprinklers back and we are in a drought situation. I reset the timer to allow the original watering time. I also fertilized with granular Turf Builder and put down granular insecticide. The lawn is green but some of the “runners” are on top of the lawn instead of attaching to the turf, and I have those seed pods that have formed and stick up. What am I doing wrong, or what does my lawn need?

Unfortunately I also have nutgrass that pops up everywhere – any suggestions on getting rid of it?


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RiverClubOwner – posted 22 June 2011 17:56

Try Hydrotain for drought can be bought at Lowes. Two hot for weed control should be done in spring

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