St. Augustine mistake

St. Augustine mistake

thetakappa563 – posted 16 June 2009 12:51

I thought that I had centipede grass and come to find out it is St. Augustine. I put Scotts weed and feed on it that has mecoprop (MCCP) and 2,4-D as its active ingredients. Did I kill my yard? is there anything that I can do to try to counter the mistake. Any opinions would be greatly appreciated.

turfgrass – posted 16 June 2009 16:11

you didn’t kill your yard, it will be alrightI know nothing about scott’s weed and feed, but I know about other chemicals, and the actives you listed are the same as others that are labeled for St. Augustine…but the label cautions use on improved varietiesdon’t sweat it…you may see some chlorosis or stunting, but it will recover

thetakappa563 – posted 17 June 2009 06:27

I noticed more yellowing this morning, the bag stated not for st. augustine. Thats why I am concerned. I hope that my grass will be able to recover.

progreenflorida – posted 09 July 2009 13:09

2-4-D is definitely NOT recommended for St. Augustine or Centipede grasses. You have to use a weed and feed with ‘Atrazine’ to avoid damaging your lawn. I’ve seen 2-4-D wipe out entire lawns here in Florida. I’d get some potassium on your lawn and water the heck out of it, then be prepared to battle fungus for the rest of the summer. That’s if it actually survives. The hotter the weather, the worse the damage….

turfgrass – posted 09 July 2009 18:33

progreenflorida, I grow both St. Augustine and Centipede sod for a livingnever have I wiped out a field with 2,4-D

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