St Augustine Grass is Too Thick

St Augustine Grass is Too Thick

tylercasey – posted 15 July 2006 08:01

I live in Florida and have St Augustine grass. We maintain it at about 3″ or next to the highest setting on the lawnmower. We were told it helps choke out weeds and is healthier for the grass. Here’s the problem – the grass is extremely dense and seems to be growing on itself, instead of in the ground, and it has a carpet-like (mushy but not wet) feel and seems like you could lift it. As you step on it, the whole area around your foot sinks in with the weight. It does look healthy though, and green. Also, we do cut it at least once a week in the summer and bag the clippings.

I was told to scalp the lawn to correct this problem…does that sound right? Years ago, someone told me to add sand all over the lawn, but I recently heard that wasn’t correct either?

Any help/advice would REALLY be appreciated! Thanks.

hankhill – posted 15 July 2006 22:07

I’ve got areas of my lawn that are like that: mush when you step on them, grow sofast in one week that the mower bogs down when it hits them. They’re the only placesthat don’t get weeds! The roots must be going deep or it wouldn’t be doing thatwell. I would count my blessings!

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onekidneysid – posted 30 July 2006 14:00

Try adding clean topsoil to entire lawn to bring the soil back to the runners.Not a good idea to scalp your lawn especially in the summer.

black396 – posted 01 August 2006 07:38

I also have the same problem. I can’t sand because of the level of the yard. Also, the last time I broadcast topsoil, it was full of crabgrass. Additionally, It occurs to me that another layer of sand is going to hide the problem, and not cure it. It will reoccur in a few years. My lawn is in the Daytona area, which is on pure sand.

What about dethatching/verticutting?


hankhill – posted 21 August 2006 23:48

One question. The “mush” below the bladesis presumably stolons. Are they alive ordead? If alive, what would happen if thelawn were just cut with a lower setting.This would compensate for the increasedstolon depth since the wheels would beon top of the stolons.

Would the lawn still be scalped in this case?

black396 – posted 27 August 2006 18:25

My mush is alive. It is just thick grass. I cut on the highest setting, and the grass isthick, thick, thick.

I only visit the lawn on weekends. I will try a lower setting this weekend.

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