St. Augustine grass is taking over!

St. Augustine grass is taking over!

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rodneysayaboc – posted 19 July 2011 16:38

I killed my st. augustine grass about 4 yrs ago and planted sod (marathon grass) from our local home depot. I live in Califonia and like to see my lawn green year round so I decided to get rid of the st. augustine(which turns brown during winter) and plant the sod (marathon grass). I’ve notice my st. augustine grass is starting to grow back and taking over the sod I planted 4 yrs ago. I tried pulling it out but can’t seem to keep up this maintenance. Now it’s about 30% of the st. augustine growing over my marathon grass. Is there anything I can spray to kill the st. augustine without destroying the marathon grass? Any suggestions? Please help! Thanks.

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