Best Sod for Dogs

Best Sod for Dogs

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pyro – posted 19 February 2012 10:32

Last spring i re-sodded my front yard with Empire Zoysia and love it. The issue I am having now is it is time to re-sod my backyard (approx 2000 sq/ft) which incorporates three dogs (aka tons of wear and tear and the obligatory poops that come from them.

Right now the backyard is mainly bahia which seems to do okay and doesn’t require a lot of water, however it is very prone to weeds. I did a test patch of empire, and while it seems to hold up to the traffic, every little pee stain keeps it yellow for some time, so i can’t go that route.

What is the best type of sod to put down in this situation? Any help is appreciated.

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  1. Jim Donohue

    I am in the DFW area and have the same question. Any type of grass (bermuda, st. augustine, zoysia)
    is fine, just need one that can stand up to the dogs, some shade & weather (heat). Thinking we need a grass that’s used on sporting fields…? Appreciate any help. The research I have done has not come up conclusive. Not interested in artificial turf. Thank you.

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