Spring Come Back

Spring Come Back

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Houndawg – posted 22 March 2013 20:33

My grass is greening back, and I’m also seeing seed stems blooming.


Houndawg – posted 22 March 2013 20:38


mrmumbels – posted 25 March 2013 16:25

Is that salt for melting ice? Yours looks healthier than mine in FL.

Houndawg – posted 25 March 2013 22:10

That’s the dirt, or sand..it may be a little course..it’s not like beach sand. 10 or 15 miles west of here the ground turns to hard red clay and rocks..

Houndawg – posted 25 March 2013 22:24

The blackness in that photo may be soot and ashes. I burned this area off with pine straw last spring to cut back on weeds. Did it help ? I’m sure I got rid of some of them.

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