Sod Farming

Sod Farming

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Sportsman297 – posted 19 October 2005 00:05

My Family has been farmers in lee county S.C. for as far as I can date back. I am a college student and want to carry on the tradition but am more interested in sod than cotton, corn, soy beans and wheat. I don’t know much about sod farming. My farm has good sandy soil which I believe would be good for Bermuda, but i’m not shore. I was hoping I could get some information on the process and just some information on sod in general

cohiba – posted 21 October 2005 06:47

I would search the web for the Sod Growers Assoc. of America. They might be able to help.

Also consider a season or two of work at a turf farm. If you haven’t worked with turf before it is better to learn from someone elses success than from your own failure.

Be careful because the equipment needed is totally different for sod as your crop. And the chemicals are not as cheap either.

It is a huge leap, make sure you have the resources to do it right or the results could be undesirable. Also, from a market stand point, figure out what your market base is: Builder & Homeowner or Sports fields and Golf courses? Both also require different standards.Good Luck…………………

tonyld – posted 26 October 2005 13:24

Great information on turfgrass:


turfgrrl – posted 10 November 2005 16:58

Our company, Environmental Turf Inc., licenses our grasses to sod growers around the world. Our website offers a lot of information that you might find helpful. It is: www.environmentalturf.com.

Plus, you might want to visit the Turfgrass Producers International website at www.turfgrasssod.org . They offer a lot of good info, too.

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