Serious Brown Patch

Serious Brown Patch

dpk – posted 18 September 2005 21:40

I live in Austin, TX. and have a St. Augustine lawn. The front lawn has taken off and is doing fine. The back yard was fine, but last summer I had two large brown patch areas. This summer, however, it has taken over the entire back yard. It has literally left my back yard completely dead. I have also notices a serious infestation of a small “nat-like” insect all over my back porch and in the grass. I had a large Arizona Ash tree removed from the back yard a season prior to the first time I noticed the brown patch, could that have anything to do with the problem? Thanks for any suggestions.

wadevl – posted 07 October 2005 20:27

if you can get INSIGNIA, apply it at the recomended rate

great stuff

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