Seeding Bermuda

Seeding Bermuda

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bassadict69 – posted 15 June 2005 08:52

What is the best way to seed bermuda? The seeds are so small that I think I would have a hard time making 10 pounds of seed go as far as it should.

From what I have read, about 2 pounds per 1000 sq ft for new seeding. I have about 4000 sq ft to plant so 10 pounds should be about right.


turf r us – posted 15 June 2005 11:35

Mix with clean sand and a spinner type broadcaster. The sand will help see where you’ve been too.

bassadict69 – posted 15 June 2005 13:01

Any idea how much seed to how much sand? What to set the broadcaster on?

Sorry for all the questions!

turf r us – posted 16 June 2005 05:43

It’s more of a convenience and practical issue – your call. I used about 10 lbs. of seed to about 1/2 cu. yd. of mason’s sand that the mason dumped, and set my broadcaster to its lowest setting. I wanted to insure that I would have enough to crisscross 90 degrees to the first pass/coverage. What little mix I had left over I broadcast over areas I wanted to be more dense such as adjacent to a porch that folks would be stepping off of.

Good luck

AledoTexasGrassGuy – posted 16 June 2005 08:58

One seed will cover your whole yard within a year. Bermuda is very, very aggressive. A 10 lb bag will cover a lot, if you broadcast it lightly. Don’t worry about weeds. By the end of the year, if you water, feed and mow frequently, the grass will be thick and choke out any weeds.

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