Seaspray near Houston TX

Seaspray near Houston TX

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magvve – posted 22 March 2009 17:39


I live in Conroe, north of Houston TX. I had a bad experience with St. Augustine on my lawn, It suddenly died after 2 years of extensive work and expenses.

See my original post https://turfgrass.com/ubb/Forum7/HTML/000144.html

Is there anyone who has planted this grass for the Houston area? Does it sounds crazy to consider it?

saltcedar – posted 01 April 2009 06:27

Seashore Paspalum varieties MUST have FULL sun to prosper. They must be mowed frequently, twice a week in rainy Summer weather and kept quite short. Less than 1 inch to remain dense and weed free. Seaspray needs to be cut with a Reel-type mower. See thread below


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Alex_in_FL – posted 10 May 2009 11:06

The paspalum can be maintained at heights from less than 1/2″(greens on a golf course) to about 4″ (really rough rough on a golf course – pun intended).

You can control the Bermuda in Sea Spray and Sea Isle Supreme by spraying the bermuda daily for 3-7 days with 75/25 ocean water to fresh water mixtures. It will cause some damage to the paspalum but far more damage to the bermuda.

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