Pythium Blight?

Pythium Blight?

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Fredfillis – posted 10 June 2008 08:55

I recently (April) seeded a previously bare part of my back yard, I think it was a tall fescue (excuse my ignorance).

I live in the Washington DC area.

Everything was going nicely until about two weeks ago when I noticed a few small brown spots, maybe 3″ in diameter. Since then we’ve had LOTS of rain and lots of hot, humid weather and these spots are growing and spreading out of control. Each area is surrounded by a dark/light ring of whispy material, almost like a fine dense spider web.

I believe this is pythium blight.

I’m almost certain that the affected areas are beyond saving. Is there a preventive product available to consumers that I could use on the rest of my grass? What should I do to remove the affected areas so I can re-seed / sod?


landscapelifer – posted 20 June 2008 21:51

If I’m not mistaken, check out “SUBDUE” fungicide, it is a systemic. I have used for “Take all Pythium Root Rot” here in Central Florida that has minimized (but not eliminated) the damage.

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