poa on T.V.

poa on T.V.

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tommy – posted 21 January 2005 13:36

I can’t believe the amount of poa i am seeing in the greens this week at the buick Invitational! I think the greens on the south course are only two or three years old…….and they are riddled with poa. Isan’t there any thing on the market to control poa on greens? I thought ‘Rubigan’ was supposed to be good, but maybe its too expensive or somthing. Whatever the case, it sure would be nice to see some pure bent grass greens more often!

cohiba – posted 22 January 2005 17:42


I haven’t seen it yet but will be sure to look. Rubigan is a better fungicide than anything and compared to others that are used it isn’t that expensive. Guys are using it less because of disaease resistance from overuse. There is not anything labelled for greens to remove poa that works well. Prograss is labeled but only works a little on poa (stunts more than removes).Velocity is a GREAT poa control but isn’t labeled for greens. No company in the world would take the chance of killing greens that the super thinks is only 10% poa and really 90% poa. 90% dead greens smells of lawsuits regardless of the users misuse.

However, I do commend you on seeing that the greens have poa on them. Most of my golfers cannot tell the difference standing on the green let alone on tv.

Take Care……………………….

tommy – posted 22 January 2005 21:48

Ya, some things are pretty easy to spot….even on T.V. ! I am also an ex golf course maint worker (TPC stadium course in Scottsdale Ariz.) – so i know a little about greens and can spot problems from a distance. Its amazing also how you can also see (on T.V.) bermuda greens with too much grain. The irregular light and dark patterns are really obvious. Anyway, its been years since i worked at a golf course, so its nice to hear that there still isan’t any control for poa! haha I guess its mostly keeping pre-emergent down and reducing the poa population on the rest of the course,(easier said than done). One of these days someone is going to develop a “sure fire” poa control for greens…..and instantly become a billionaire!

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