“Picker” grass weed…

“Picker” grass weed…

Saheeb’s Warrior – posted 25 February 2003 07:40

Sorry that I don’t know the correct term, but people here just refer to it as picker grass. It’s green, grows in patches, and in the spring time produces lil’ brown pickers or stickers that’ll stick in your barefeet like a tiny thorn.

Can anyone help me with a name for this weed and how can I get rid of it? It grows in late winter, early spring and dies when the late summer heat gets to it.


jengil5 – posted 13 July 2003 22:19

how can i get rid of prickers or sticker in my backyard?

Dchall_San_Antonio – posted 14 July 2003 00:23

What kind of turf are you trying to grow?

How do you water it?

How do you mow it?

How do you fertilize it?

What I usually suggest is to focus on growing the grass you want and the weeds will take care of themselves. Of course there are exceptional weeds that will grow like, well, weeds, when you take care of the grass, but once everything is healthy, you can deal with the weeds.

Buttwheat – posted 13 April 2004 15:34

gdb this stuff. Info appreciated.

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lawn supervisor – posted 26 April 2004 17:23

sounds like nutsedge if it is basagran to will easily control with two applications just apply wait 21 days and re-apply to all remaining follow label on bottle for mixing and look at pictures of sedge online to determine if this is the weed your plauged with.

ted – posted 26 April 2004 21:13

actually i think your talking about sandbur- can’t remember the control product at this time- will try to research it for you.

ted – posted 26 April 2004 21:21

depending upon where you live, image + msma has been used successfully in texas a & m trials

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