Perennial Peanut

Perennial Peanut

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travis – posted 17 June 2009 12:41

Our family has been growing sod for the last thirty years and we are very excited to be in our 2nd year growing perennial peanut. We sell it in 1 gallon pots and 18 cell trays and eventually hope to offer it as a sod. Thanks for offering this forum for this groundcover in the landscape. I have not read back through the forum, but you might point out their is a peanut variety called Golden Glory that has aboveground stolons and is sold very commonly in central Florida. This variety is more susceptible to cold injury, mite and nematode injury and is less drought tolerant than Arachis glabrata varieties such as Ecoturf. Our website is councilgrowers.com if I can be of any assistance with anyone.

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