New to Grass Growing Help!

New to Grass Growing Help!

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millerman83 – posted 21 April 2011 10:41

Hello All! I am living in Moncks Corner SC, which is close to Charleston. I am a new home owner and a new grass grower lol! The Sod that was place down was Centipede Sod. Who ever put it down did an OK job but there are some seems that need seeding! I am looking for the thick lawn look with a nice Green color. I have placed down Scotts Starter Fertilizer and am watering the Sod every other day for about 1 hour. The sod has been down for about 3 weeks before I moved in and is now about 4 weeks old. All the grass looks good but not great. The front and the back yard ger very little shade if any. I have 2 questions 1. Do I need to put down Centipede Grass seed or can i put down Tall Fescue or Bermuda on top of the Centipede or would that look dumb?

2. Is my watering correct? The one hour gives the grass an inch of water!

Any other pointers and adv feel free to send it my way! I want a beautiful full Yard and am willing to put the time and money into it!


tommy – posted 24 April 2011 00:57

Don’t mix anything else with centipede! If you want , you can use more centipede seed,(very expensive), but usually your lawn will fill in ok -without extra seed. Its a low maint. grass that doesn’t need a lot of water and fertilizer, so you might have to back off on the water, and give it an application of iron.

benjammin – posted 16 May 2011 13:46

yeah, don’t mix centipede. And be careful with fertilizer and get your soil ph checked. Centipede only likes 1/2 pound nitrogen per 1,000 square feet about a month after greenup, but it sounds like you already put down fert. You may do another 1/2 pound app in August.Centiped wants a ph below 7. It likes 5-6 so you may have lower your ph.

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