Argentine Bahia on Septic Drain field

Argentine Bahia on Septic Drain field

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mlkowalc – posted 05 September 2011 11:22

Hi, I live in South Brevard County, FL. The septic drain field for my house is in my backyard. It has been covered off and on by St. Augustine grass. I have struggled to keep the St. Augustine alive. Twice I have resodded and twice the St. Augustine has died. I am very frustruated with this grass. I am considering Argentine Bahia (I have it in other spots in my yard, and it grows great), but I’ve heard that it has deep roots, and I’m worried it may clog up the pipes in my drain field.

Does anyone have any expierence with Argentine Bahia over drain fields? Thank you much!Mike.

seed – posted 16 September 2011 10:54

Bahiagrass has been reported to have roots 7 feet deep. Only a few roots would be that long, but it indicates greater potential for root activity in the drainfield by bahiagrass compared with St. Augustinegrass. Shallow drain-field trenches encourage N removal not only by denitrification as effluent moves through the carbon-rich root zone, but alsoencourage N removal by plant uptake. Root activity by grasses which are finely rooted may not be a bad thing, although planting of trees or shrubs should be strongly discouraged.

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