New Grass In Florida ? PeanutGrass

New Grass In Florida ? PeanutGrass

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sharon eubank – posted 15 July 2002 16:57

I heard there was a new grass in Florida called Peanut Grass.. It’s sopposed to be very low maintance and hardly ever needs mowed blooms yellow flowers . Its a ground cover….Please email me if you have heard of it please. bevcastl60@aol.com

WillR – posted 16 July 2002 07:52

Sounds like a weed to me.

Guest – posted 03 September 2005 14:03

I think you are asking about Perennial Peanut.

QWERTY – posted 03 September 2005 17:36

so they flower and produce peanuts above ground? Yummy…

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