New grass and watering

New grass and watering

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Whea – posted 28 April 2005 11:50

We are laying sod this weekend. I know that we need to water it like crazy at the beginning but what about after a month? It’s fescue in a shady (dappled sun) yard. The problem is, we’re going on vacation the first week of June and I’m paranoid that whoever takes care of our dog (we’re not sure if we’re going to use a service or a relative) isn’t going to water it. I have a friend who could stop by like every other day, but I’m wondering how much water it really needs. Obviously, i have no idea about this because the grass isn’t down yet and I haven’t seen how it reacts, but i’d like a general idea.

thanks in advance!

ted – posted 28 April 2005 17:25

based upon your location, you would need to be vary carefull about overwatering this late in the season. you’re about to go into fungus season in most areas that are good places for tall fescue. where do you live?

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