Need help reviving my St. Augustine grass

Need help reviving my St. Augustine grass

southernbeauty01 – posted 16 August 2010 09:49

I had St. Augustine grass laid about a year and half ago. I live in Houston, Texas and I have been having trouble getting it to grow. I have alot of patches in my grass and dead spots. It also has dead spots. It is very hot here this year. Please help me! I am un sure how long to water it and when?

Alex_in_FL – posted 20 August 2010 21:19

My suggestion is:

1. Rake and remove dead St Augustine blades2. Water not more than 2 x week with 3/4 to 1″ of water (put out pans to measure how long to water each area). 3. Consider (after raking) putting down some 16-8-x (or similar) fertilizer.

Over watering is bad and may result in fungus or disease.

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