Need Fall Feeding Schedule for Bermuda in So Calif.

Need Fall Feeding Schedule for Bermuda in So Calif.

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saxtech – posted 06 September 2006 11:51

Hello:I am in sunny Southern California (Orange County / Huntington Beach) and it is the Beginning of September (still quite warm).This is the first Fall Season that I have really gotten my Bermuda (tiff) to look nice and I need to know what should I do from this date onwards throughout spring 2007.

Please list dates of applications and Brand / types of fertilizers, pre-emergent weed control fertilizers, and other weed control products, and also when to apply Ironite.

Should I use Scotts Winterizer in September with Halts or ??????

I usually shop at home depot so if you could list brands that HD carries that would make life so much easier.

ALSO .. Please list dates that i should apply all requested.

Oh …. and should I be mowing my lawn a little higher this time of year?

Thank You everyone for all of your help getting my Bermuda to look nice this past summer (first time in many years).

Gary / saxtech

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