More Crabgrass questions!

More Crabgrass questions!

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Cate – posted 14 May 2001 06:44

We laid down Bermuda 419 in our backyard last year and yes…it was beautiful. But alas, we have been invaded by the dreaded crabgrass. From all that I have been reading it sounds like I should just wait it out until next spring and put a pre-emergent on it. We live in eastern NC and our spring is over and grass season in full swing. Any comments on my thoughts?

Burlap_Etc – posted 15 May 2001 21:17

Cate, Whats Smokin or better yet you want to smoke some crabgrass. Well, well, well lets see There is a product called “MSMA” that will help you control grassy weeds in your bermuda. You do need to watch your application rates because it will be getting warmer. Now don’t pass up your Pre-M application because it is still very important. The Active Ingredient in MSMA is as followsMonosodium Acid Methanearsonate……51%I’ve found this at Lesco Inc.


seed – posted 16 May 2001 09:16

MSMA contains arsenic. It has a Caution label, due to relatively low acute oral toxicity. The MSDS sheet says that probably at least one ounce would be required to kill a man. Now for the bad news.

Arsenic is a metal element known to build up in the environment and in tissues, and to cause long-term chronic health problems. Scientists are still trying to understand how this element can quickly change its toxicity by methylation, and how its bioavailability can be affected by age. Areas treated with MSMA, particularly sandy areas, have been shown to have a buildup of arsenic in the soil and plumes of arsenic in the groundwater.

In the context of the uncertain health and environmental issues, there is the real property liability issue, because soil that has become contaminated with arsenic may require excavation and disposal, something that could be ordered by the courts of a former property owner.

MSMA is hard to beat for grassy weed control in bermudagrass, but there is a downside.


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