Los Angeles area dog resistant grass

Los Angeles area dog resistant grass

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Blanco – posted 03 March 2011 04:20

I know there really is no such thing as a dog resistant grass, I’m basically talking about resistant to the urine.

I don’t like the idea of SOD & prefer to grow the grass from seed & I’ve been led to believe that St Agustine would probably be my best bet.

How many of you agree with this?How many of you might Disagree?

If not St Agustine, then what would you recommend?I plan to get a dog of a large size probably about 80+ lbs.

I will get him as a puppy, yet dont know how realistic having him only going is a set part of the yard is.

I currently have no lawn, I’m doing a whole new landscape job on my house & so I’m looking for ideas.

I wont have the puppy till July if everything goes according to plan.So I have some time to get started on this before bringing home the Pup.

one last thing, I prefer a lawn that would stay green year round if this is possible..?

This is my 1st home so I have lots to learn..

Blanco – posted 03 March 2011 16:10

Hello????Anyone there????

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graysilm – posted 23 March 2011 22:20

You should look into the zoysia grass varities. They are very resistant to traffic and urine, and they probably stay green in LA year round. Look into it, they are great grasses.

Blanco – posted 24 March 2011 01:03

Is that a brand or a type?

GolfSuper – posted 25 March 2011 08:44

Zoysia grass is a type of turf. Zoysia has many different cultivars, you could find one that is most common to the Los Angeles area.

I spent seven years as a golf course superintendent managing zoysia grass fairways and I agree with the previous post that says zoysia is very durable to traffic and urine. You may see a slight “yellowing” depending on how much urine, but it could be your best option for your lawn.

-Perry Whaley Owner, ConsultantGreen Fairwayspwhaley@greenfairways.net

Blanco – posted 25 March 2011 11:33

The only Traffic my front yard will see, will be me playing catch with the dog sometimes & he might go out there from time to time to pee.But I’m gonna try to keep that mostly in the back yard.

How would I figure out what zoysia to pick?You said something about getting what most common in my area, but where would I find such a list?

Blanco – posted 25 March 2011 11:37

& what about St Agustine?Seems they don’t sell seed & you can only get it as a sod…?

Why is that?& I can spend a lot of money on sod or cut it up into strips & spread it around & then allow it to spread & fill in…in the back yard I’m gonna do St Agustine for sure because it will be the dogs area & I here that’s the best for dog wear.

GolfSuper – posted 25 March 2011 14:38

You’re right, you can lay the sod down in “strips” that are spaced out and allow it to spread and cover.

Sod is much more costly than seed, but it provides instant results to what you’re wanting to do. I would also get some sod staples to use when laying it down to help secure it.

-Perry Whaley pwhaley@greenfairways.net

Blanco – posted 25 March 2011 20:10

My local Grass guy is telling me that I should consider RTF Fescue?It stays green most of the year & is 1/2 the price of St Agustine.

Any of you know anything about the RTF?

Blanco – posted 26 March 2011 00:08

Check this out, I think I’m pretty much sold on it, looks like s great grass.


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