Information on staring a sod farm please

Information on staring a sod farm please

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Memorialgolf – posted 30 May 2007 13:50


I would like information on the costs & equipment in relation with the creation of a sod farm.

Our situation is a bit peculiar, since the amount of land we would allocate to the sod farm is only about 35 acres. As such our primary concern is if a sod farm with such a small acreage can be worth the expenses.

This land was originaly meant to be turned into a 9 hole executive golf course, to expand our existing 18 holes courses, but due to zoning problems it might prove impossible. Thus we are considering the alternative of creating a sod farm on this lot. We are located in Quebec, Canada.

There is already a complete irrigation system installed (sprinklers) , and I believe this factor should be taken into consideration, either positively or negatively. On the other hand, we do not own any machinery specific to sod culture.

The sod we would grow would be mainly (probably exclusively) Kentucky Blue Grass.

Any sources, informations or tips would be greatly appreaicated. Thank you.

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