Image, Crabgrass & Sedge

Image, Crabgrass & Sedge

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kyleinmarietta – posted 02 September 2005 15:47

Recently, I discovered Image sold in a hose end applicator. Last weekend I sprayed it over my emerald zoysia backyard to control Sedge and Crabgrass that had sprouted in my 2 month old turf.

Very successful! Highly recommended for ~$20 for 8,000 square feet of treatment.

QWERTY – posted 02 September 2005 16:30

HMMMM! That didnt affect zoysia grass at all? Who knows? It might come handy for me one day if I ever decide to get zoysia grass…

Buck – posted 02 September 2005 16:58

Let ne make sure I undersatnd all of this; You used Image, a product targeted for nutsedge, on spotted spurge and crabgrass, applied it with a hose end sprayer, not selective with a pump up sprayer, and the weeds are gone, but the turf is AOK? Holy cow, what were the temps when you sprayed?


Guest – posted 02 September 2005 17:03

Well, not that I’m an expert of any kind, but in my experience Image takes 2-3 weeks to work. So if she only put it out last weekend……..too soon to call.

kyleinmarietta – posted 03 September 2005 20:55

Please re-read what I originally wrote. I used Image, purchased in a hose end applicator. The purpose was to control crabgrass and sedge (not spurge).

A week later, the crabgrass has turned purple, and the sedge is turning brown. Since Image does take over 2 weeks to complete its cycle, I’d say it is well on the way to kicking some weed butt…

As for Zoysia and chemicals, zoysia is pretty tolerant of the *right* chemicals such as image and acclaim.

By the way, most people named Kyle are male, including me…

RHD – posted 04 September 2005 07:48

Another view on this subject: I used Image on 2 month old emerald zoysia (in Atlanta) and did not have good results. The Image stunted the zoysia or outright killed it in spots. I used the old fashioned version that is mixed with water in a sprayer, not the hose end version I have seen in stores. Perhaps the concentration is much lower in the hose end (already mixed) version. It clearly gets the weeds you mentioned however. I have not had the same probelm with more established zoysia. That is, the Image has worked fine – it was just the new zoysia that gave me the problems.By the way, the Image hose end version is a somewhat different formulation that the traditional Image concentrate. I do not know the difference, but I remember noting that they were somewhat different. Any Image experts out there?

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Guest – posted 04 September 2005 17:36

Sorry about your gender. I just saw a name ending in “etta”, sounded feminine to me at first glance. lol

Guest – posted 06 September 2005 04:32

I used Image on fescue and it killed it. Even though it says it can be used on fescue. I used it exactly as the manufacturer recommends.

BTW I know a Kyle that’s a female. She lives in Marietta too.

turfrus – posted 06 September 2005 06:25

Attached is a ditty from Purdue regarding least to most phytotoxic herbicides on *newly* established Zenith. Needless to say, if the zoysia, (in any form that was put down but especially if seeded), is young, then it is tender and susceptible to chemical burn. If it is like us old crusty men, then it will be tough enough to withstand some abuse, even from some mad housewife kicking it in the dirt. http://www.agry.purdue.edu/turf/tips/2003/zoysia415.htm

kyleinmarietta – posted 06 September 2005 19:25

“My” Image says something to the effect that it may cause serious injury to Fescue.

Different makers, different labels, I guess…

By the way, I’m about done with Fescue. The stuff is too fragile. I’ve done Fescue, Bermuda, and Zoysia, and will probably live and die with zoysia in the future.

Except for a couple of really shady areas where I’m gonna try St. Augustine..

FedUpWithFescue – posted 06 September 2005 19:52

I’ve given up on fescue too. Next Spring I’ll seed centipede. I have mostly a sunny yard so it should do fine.

Alex_in_FL – posted 20 August 2006 08:05

Actually Kyle’s experience is what should be expected. I belive Image is primarily root absorbed. Therefore a hose end application will get the chemical to the roots not leave it up on the leaves. Most spot sprayers spray the leaves – which is great for contact and leaf absorbed herbicides (aka Roundup) but not as good for root absorbed herbicides.

I have some hose end Image (bought because it was cheaper than the ready to mix) and now I think I will spray my entire yard.

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