How do I get rid of Zoysia grass?

How do I get rid of Zoysia grass?

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carol – posted 17 April 2001 17:07

We bought some Zoysia plugs agout ten years ago, but we didn’t know that, at least in Wisconsin, it is yellow or brown most of the time. Our other grass is green by mid April, but the Zoysia is still yellow and looks dead. It begins to turn yellow again long before our other grass in the fall. We’ve tried three times to dig it out–dug down at least a foot–and then reseeded with our other grass. Nope. The Zoysia eventually crowded it out. Everyone asks what is wrong with our “yellow” grass. It looks ugly and we need to get rid of it. It was an expensive and time-consuming mistake. Can anyone help us?

ashtonv – posted 14 October 2001 19:50

Don’t know if you’ve a solution to the elimination of your zoysia. I just killed 4500 sq ft with two applications of Roundup while it was still very green and growing well. Might have to spot kill some next spring. I’ll mark it this winter when it’s dormant.Replanted a fine fescueAshton Violetteashtonv@erols.comMidlothian, VA

Dedmundson – posted 21 June 2002 19:22

[QUOTE]Originally posted by carol:[B]I have used Roundup adn the Spectracide equivalent twice. I tried it several years ago & thought I had it killed. It came back strong. This spring I have treated it FOUR times w/Roundup & the top is dead but it continues to sprout green chutes whch defy death.Half of my back yard is lush & green. The other half is brown. The “normal” grasses have been dead now for about 6 weeks, while the Zoisia grass persists. I can’t use Triox, since I want to reseed. What will kill this stuff???

Skastafari – posted 01 November 2002 08:50

Buyer beware. Carol, at one time zoysia must have been appealing to you for you to go through the trouble of plugging it. Did you see a neighbors zoysia lawn in the area that was attractive to you? Zoysia is known for being slow to green up in spring, slow to recover from damage, slow to fill in from plugging, just slow in general. It is sort of like the tortoise that eventually wins the race. Shame on you for not doing more research on the way a particular grass grows in your local area.

One possible cause to the yellow zoysia problem could be that your lawn lacks iron. You could try using a product such as ironite to bring the green back to the zoysia in the spring. Don’t misuse the iron however, wait till around mid to late April before you force your zoysia green. If that doesnt help you can always try plan A, and get used to your friendly bottle of round-up. The round-up will probably be most effective when the zoysia is looking its best. I am sure by now you have dug your way out of this problem though.

zoysia eliminate please – posted 21 April 2003 10:29

I moved into a new house last fall. This spring i have noticed spots of zoysia grass in the yard. It is not the right climate in northern indiana to grow zoysia successfully except 2-3 months a year. I know it will continue to spread. How do I get rid of this grass? Is there a fertilizer or something that zoysia doesnt like so I can get rid of it? Do I have to cut it out by hand? Help…

Ted – posted 21 April 2003 20:27

Wow, the trouble people go through! Zoysia is definitely not a good choice for northern climates. Wait until it’s absolutely warm and green and growing, make sure it’s watered well and then use a professional strength roundup at the rate of 2.5 oz. per gallon on the hand or backpack sprayer rate. It has to be hot and wet and growing to kill it since it’s a warm season grass. The problem is that you’re not spraying it at the right time under the right conditions with the right product. Spray it at the correct time and i guarantee you it won’t be back.

joyireland – posted 05 May 2003 19:40

What about Zoysia grass that looks to be dead? How can you tell? I’ve lived on this property two years. Both years the grass was the last to green – but it’s always performed by mid April. I’m not sure about this year. It’s May and the grass is still wheat yellow. I’ve recently thatched but I’m worried it’s actually dead.

bikerbob – posted 13 September 2004 13:56

When you find out, let me know.mroadbike@wmconnect.com

prcanario – posted 28 May 2007 15:35

I live just outside of boston massachusetts. I have gotten zoysia grass but i do not know how i got it. But i have it. I tried to kill it last spring with several bottles of round-up. Then i had someone come in and took 3 truck loads of dirt out. It came back. Then last week i sprayed the round-up again. Someone else is coming this week to rip it up again. i will keep you all posted on wether or not the zoysia grass comes back.

green in atlanta – posted 29 May 2007 15:07

Try this…I discovered it by accident while trying to get rid of Bermuda that was invading my Zoysia. ORTHO GRASS-B-GONE. It has the same active ingredient(fluazifop-P-butyl)as some other, more expensive products that are supposed to selectively eradicate Bermuda from Zoysia lawns. Well…the formulation of the ORTHO product must be more potent than the recommended mixture of the other products, because both the bermuda AND my Zoysia are DEAD,DEAD,DEAD. Try it for yourself…sounds like you’ve tried everything else.

zoysia pain – posted 30 May 2007 21:07

I saw this in the forums: Killing zoysia


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