How can I get rid of my lawn altogether?

How can I get rid of my lawn altogether?

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WilliamsFive – posted 21 May 2003 16:40

Can someone please tell me what I can use/do to get rid of my lawn/grass? We have dogs, but keep them from the yard for a couple weeks if necessary. We would prefer a method/product that was not harmful to them, though.

Every member of our family is allergic to the lawn, making it impossible for us to enjoy our yards; and we are tired of paying $160/mo to have someone come mow and edge for us.

Thank you for any help you can offer!

Will-PCB – posted 21 May 2003 17:02

Well, the safest method minus any chemicals whatsoever is to go to your local nursery and get that matting material thats placed down in flower beds to inhibit the weeds.

Lay that stuff down like a carpet over your grass and then cover the top of it with your favorite rocks or something to hold the matting down.

It will smother the grass.

My neighbor did this for a year, then put down some of that nifty artifical turf like you see in a football stadium. Its funny to watch his paint his lawn, but he sits by his swimming pool drinking a cold one while the rest of us are out mowing, trimming, and edging our yards.

Just a thought … Good luck!

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