Help with my back yard

Help with my back yard

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Lady Author – posted 06 September 2011 08:56

I live in West Virginia with a Doberman, a large Pit Bull, a large Lab, and a small mixed breed. My fenced back yard is now a dust or mud bowl. The yard has two large shade trees. What grass should I plant that will stand up to my four dogs?

andrewfullerton – posted 25 June 2012 03:21

I can’t help but to reply in this message considering that the user have inquired about his/her concern for a long time.

But for the benefit of those who browse this forum site, I can suggest an alternative grass for them not to worry about their backyard.

I am a resident of Chula vista california and artificial turfs in San Diego are very much in demand today because pet owners are getting a lot of benefits from artificial turfs.

With the help of these grasses, their pets can now play and be active without them worrying about the damage it may cause.

I am very thankful that my friend recommended me an artificial lawn installer which exceeded my expectations and misconception about synthetic grasses

For those who have the same concern, you can call their toll free number, (888) 423-41-41. You can also visit their website at: www.socalgreens.com and click on the Pet turf button to go directly to your concern.


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