Help! I scalped my new sod!!! What now??

Help! I scalped my new sod!!! What now??

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garcia – posted 03 June 2012 21:54

Help!!! I cut my new tall fescue sod (two weeks old) too short. What should I do to minimize possible damage?? I was watering it daily before today’s mowing fiasco. I am located in NJ. Thanks in advance for you help!!!

tommy – posted 04 June 2012 08:51

Tall fescue comes back pretty well from scalping, so you shouldn’t have permanent damage. If you have not fertilized, go ahead and do that, but don’t go over the recommended rate. Fertilizing too heavy at this time of year, will cause excessive growth. You should be able to cut the water to 3 times a week, but you may have to spot water areas that dry out quicker- such as areas along the edge of concrete.

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