groundcovers adjacent to lawn

groundcovers adjacent to lawn

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redbird – posted 17 April 2003 07:09

I have a strip of roadside ( 35′ x 175′) separated from the back/side of my lawn by a privacy fence and an island of trees/palmettos. It is covered in patches (several large open areas) with weeds and argentine bahia. The area will not be irrigated. I am considering using a spreading groundcover for this area so that I won’t have to mow it, as it is sloped for drainage, but does not retain standing water. I figure that anything which is toughy, thick, solid, chokes out weeds and doesn’t get over 2 ft. tall would work, provided that I could maintain the borders of the area with periodic round-up sprays. Suggestions from others have included crown vetch, japanese honeysuckle, dichondra, confederate jasmine and creeping myrtle – even kudzu. I live 20 miles north of Jacksonville, FL in coastal Georgia. Any thoughts, concerns, suggestions?


crocksntex – posted 18 April 2003 22:44

yeah i also recommend the *(Asian)jasmine–it likes full sun to part or all shade and spreads quickly especially in warm weather–plant about 2 feet apart and water occasionally to start and then probably no need after to after that since Fla gets plenty rain– we planted a small strip between a sidewalk and the street and in 3 weeks it has started spreading decently with little attention– Good Luck

redbird – posted 21 April 2003 14:21


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