Fescue vs. Bermuda In NC

Fescue vs. Bermuda In NC

Golfing Griffin – posted 15 October 2002 14:57

I live just outside Charlotte, NC. This summer has pretty much destroyed my lawn which is Kentucky 31. I am considering re-seeding it. I have tried a patch of Bermuda and it seems to be doing great. The thing that worries me is all of the horror stories about bermuda. I dont mind a little bit of work to keep it up. I have also heard that most people consider this a weed. Any help or insight into this will be appreciated. Im not sure which type to do.

Raleigh Lawn – posted 16 July 2004 12:12

I live in Raleigh, NC and the builder of our subdivision put down Bermuda sod in our yards. When well taken care of, they look great in the summer. Our lots are all around 1/4 acre, so fertilizing every 3-4 weeks and mowing weekly is not a huge effort, but you can easily spot the lawns that don’t get fertilized! Depending on the size of your lawn, this maintenance could really be a big time sink.

However, Bermuda likes the heat and sunshine! If you have shade it’s not going to be happy. Also, since it never gets very hot in NC and the summer is really only 3 months at best, your grass is going to be dormant (aka BROWN) for a good 6-8 months out of the year. If you don’t mind having a brown lawn for at least half the year (but also no maintenance) you’ll be fine. You can also seed with Rye grass for a green lawn in the winter, but the Rye is not nearly as thick or as dark green as the Bermuda so your grass will not have the same look all year.

Hope this helps…

ted – posted 16 July 2004 17:32

horror stories??? it’s just a turfgrass! however- it doesn’t belong in your area. use turf type tall fescue- not kentucky -31 – it’s a pasture grass not a turfgrass.with normal maintenance practices you should have a green lawn nearly all year long- your state university has an excellent website for turfgrass.

atoner – posted 01 August 2004 20:26

If Bermuda doesn’t belong here, then why does it grow so well in Winston-Salem? It was here before my house was built, and it came back strong after grading.

yardpro_2000 – posted 09 August 2004 07:55

doesn’t belong ????

htbrid bermuda’s grow all across the us in most temperature zones. Raleigh is suited quite well for this turf. I am in Atlantic beach NC and maintain 30 acres of fairway quality 419. the real trick to good looking bermuda is mow frequently. twice a week for optimum appearance, weekly at a minimum.

yardpro_2000 – posted 09 August 2004 08:00

also, the seeded bermuda is common bermuda. and people call it wire grass. in other turf types and in plant beds it is a weed. all a weed is is an undesirable plant. centipede, fescue, etc, are all weeds if you are are going for a monoculture of turf of another variety.

the hybrids (sod only) are much better than the common. depending on the growers it runs about $1.25/sq.yard.

also another thing to consider it the shade. bermuda will not tolerate shade.

anna k bots – posted 04 August 2007 11:14

Actually, neither Bermuda nor Fescue “belong” here since neither are native… both were introduced here in the early 1800s. But, since many folks including my HOA like attractive turfgrass we all plant it. I give 2 thumbs up for Bermuda in the Charlotte are. Fescue is a cooler weather grass and tends to do better in zone 7. Technically Charlotte is Zone 8, though some sites place Charlotte in Zone 7. You can seed for Bermuda in the summer (it requires less water than fescue) and overseed with Winter Rye in the fall. For a smaller lawn use organic fertilizers when possible. My bermuda lawn looks fabulous compared to my neighbor’s browning fescue.

RNorris – posted 06 August 2007 06:56

I live just outside of Charlotte and my builder put down Bermuda in the front yard. It does very well and looks great.

I don’t mind the dormant phase as it means I don’t have to mow it. My wife hates the brown but hey I tell her it gives me more time to drink beer.

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