Fertilizer burned lawn

Fertilizer burned lawn

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GaryD – posted 13 September 2006 07:32


Hoping someone can give me some advice – I live in Charlotte NC and recently limed and fertilized my lawn. I foolishly did not water immediately and two weeks later more than half of my backyard is completley destroyed. It seems as though it is spreading as well to areas that were not immediately affected. This is a seed lawn that was established one year ago – dont know exactly what type but I believe it was Lesco brand seed, fescue, and something else. Soil type is clay for those not familiar with Charlotte area. It was doing well until this fiasco, and with the overseed I planned to do this fall it would have been a nice lawn – Now I need to know how to proceed. Is there anything I can do to bring this back. My plan was to have the yard aerated and seeded and water, water , water. A little afraid to seed though with what happened to the grass – maybe there is something wrong with the soil now. Looking for some advice if anyone has it. Incidentally the sod lawn in my front yard has never looked better! Go figure. Help, please.

Thank you,

tommy – posted 13 September 2006 21:07

The soil is probably ok……you caused chemical burn to the grass, but the soil will not be affected. Go ahead and re-seed, but don’t go to other extreme and water so much that the area is always soggy.

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