Durable Grass for Dogs in SoCal

Durable Grass for Dogs in SoCal

beberis – posted 12 January 2004 20:02

Hello, everyone. I have 2 large labs and about 7,000 sq. ft. of grass to put in. I wanted Marathon because of the look and color, but heard that it does not hold up well to dog urine and the day-to-day wear and tear. I heard that either St. Augestine or Zoyzia would stand up well. Does anyone have any input on what would hold up well to dogs in SoCal? Thanks alot.

pacificsod – posted 05 February 2004 09:51

Hybrid Bermudagrasses would be ideal for your climate and lawn use.while no grass is impervious to damage from digging or urine spots, bermuda is a fast grower that spreads to fill in damanged spots.it does go off-color in winter, and needs to be mowed with a reel-bladed mower, but is really the besst choice for a heavy traffic lawn.Try Tifway. Great color, tight surface, fine blades, grown by most sod farms in Southern CA! Install in spring for best results!Good luck!

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