Dog Pee – need resistant grass

Dog Pee – need resistant grass

pennymai – posted 13 February 2004 09:16

Hi there – I am in need of a dog pee resistant grass – any suggestions? I would love to return to a lovely green this spring.


Coyote171 – posted 14 February 2004 11:38

Hello, To my knowledge there is no specific grass that is doggy pee resistant…However If you go to your local pet supply store, you should find a product in the form of a daily chewable tablet the will make your dog’s urine more grass friendly. Sorry i do not know the name of the product, just don’t know the name. Good Luck

waterflowdixon – posted 29 February 2004 14:04

I bought a productatPETCOthatis called Turf Saver,it is an anti-lawn burningtreat.Might try that.

Dchall_San_Antonio – posted 04 March 2004 00:43

Be sure your vet knows what you’re doing with your dog’s diet. Some of those home remedies are not good for the dogs.

The cause of the problem is an imabalance between the nitrogen and sugar in the soil. Dog urine has urea in it which is a fast acting nitrogen source. What that does is to tie up the microbes in the soil that were processing things slowly. When they get the high dose of N, they stop what they were doing to process the high N dose. If you had more microbes, you would not have the problem because they would be ready for the increase. The way I have found to reestablish a high population of microbes in a hurry is to scatter a handful of table sugar on the spot. It takes 3 weeks but it works great for me. A little compost would help, too. Most organic turfs don’t have this problem because of the high organic content and health of the soil.

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