DFW Heat – Ring Around a BIG Oak

DFW Heat – Ring Around a BIG Oak

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jwhdfw – posted 03 July 2012 09:50

Dear Users –

I live up in the DFW Metroplex where for about the last 5 summers, the heat and lack rainfall has broken records almost every day. A ring of dead “earth” has developed around one (only one mind you) of my big oak trees that my St.Aug just will not fill in anymore. Everybody says stuff like, “You need more water” or “That tree has pulled all of the nutrients out of the soil”…. But it doesn’t matter how much molasses, cornmeal, chicken poo, Nitrogen or water I throw at it, the ring around this one tree just will not go away. ANY IDEAS? I can send pics if you would like to see it. Thanks – John

ddNOTFERTILIZER – posted 25 July 2012 14:20

Try some microbial soil enhancement. dd, east Tx.

ddNOTFERTILIZER – posted 31 July 2012 14:13

Hi DFW heat, thought you might enjoy this video on soil microbes. Supposed to be 106 today here in Scroggins Tx.!!!! dd


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