Cutting Edge Grass Seed

Cutting Edge Grass Seed

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Phil Thomas – posted 03 October 2012 09:03

I am 55 years old and have plenty of experience with establishing a lawn. I usually re-do my lawn every five years or so due to stress, drought, bugs and the like. Well, that time period approached and I too was skeptical about Cutting Edge grass seed because it seemed “too good to be true” to me as well. However, I planted it. Was I surprised. I have never had grass seed react like Cutting Edge grass seed before. I planted my grass seeds on the 4th of September and it germinated on the 8th! Yes, 4 days! By the end of week two, my grass was two inches tall!. This grass seed must be on steroids! By October 2, the grass had grown to 5 inches tall! Finally, I can stop watering, (I watered twice a day for thirty days)and look forward to cutting it this weekend. My grass is full without bare spots or thin areas, and my neighbors want to know how and what in tarnation did I do. I will never tell as I look forward to the spring and the summer to truly evaluate the product. But for now, I am really pleased.

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