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duchess1053@verizon.net – posted 25 March 2007 23:01

Hoping someone out there can help. I bought a 1997 Cushman Truckster. It came off a golf coarse in FL. and was set up to serve drinks.I live in Washington ST. and I want to make an ice cream truck out of it.I has three speeds,gas powered,seat belts,four tires. All the things a regular truck/car has but a title. And I can’t get a straight answer from anyone as to being able to take it onto a city street.Is there anyone out there that has ever seen one on the street? If so could you tell what state your in? For the life of me I can’t see why they wouldn’t be as street legal as a three wheel meter maid cart. Thank for any help.

cohiba – posted 27 March 2007 13:34

In most towns they are not street legal. You might try a gated community setting or a beach or other off road type setting such as campgrounds or college campus’. These are places where they are used the most. In a contained area away from regular street traffic.

Check with the local PD. You may be able to get permits to trailer it to local parks and then ride around with in those areas.

Good Luck……………..

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