Concerned about the effects of rust…

Concerned about the effects of rust…

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Kip L – posted 29 September 2003 09:04

I’m almost positive my one 1.5 year old tall fescue lawn is infected with rust because of the orange tips and how this rubs off. Plus, when I mowed the last week, there was orange dust on my mower. Since this, I’ve core aerated, fertilized, sprayed with Daconil and gotten a good rain. Hopefully, this will start a turn around.

Am I going about this the correct way? I’ve got got to spray the Daconil again this week and realized it won’t be an immediate effect. Am I in danger of losing the entire stand? Will there be any long term effects? There are only a couple of areas that seem to be really infected but it is present in other parts as well.

I’m hoping the aerating/fertilizing (I actually gave the yard a very small shot of ammonia as well to jump start the growing) will get the grass growing. Should I let the grass grow for a couple of weeks and then hopefully be able to mow off the orange tips? How will cooler weather affect the rust?

I stupidly brought this upon myself by watering in the evenings a couple of weeks ago and then the nights got cool with heavy dew/fog. I’ve read quite a bit about this but was curious for more information. Thanks a bunch for any replies!

EDIT: Should mention this was sod that is 90% fescue/10% bluegrass


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Dchall_San_Antonio – posted 01 October 2003 11:46

Many people are not interested in an organic solution to rust but I’ll let you know that there is one.

Ordinary corn meal applied at a rate of 20 pounds per 1,000 square feet will kill rust in 3 weeks. Corn meal can be found in bulk at feed stores for $6.50 for 50 pounds.

Kip L – posted 01 October 2003 12:19

Hey, thanks for the response. I don’t care if it’s organic or not as long as my grass turns green again! I’ll go by Southern States today and pick up some corn meal. Can I just go ahead and put the corn meal out along with the Daconil?

EDIT: Local Feed and Seed has cracked corn. Is that the same thing?

Thanks againKip

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