?cinch bugs vs. fungus in st augustine grass

?cinch bugs vs. fungus in st augustine grass

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tharaga – posted 27 May 2004 06:09

I live in southeastern NC and purchased a house with an established yard of St Augustine grass. The house was vacant for around 9mths, mainly fall of ’03 and early spring 04. There are brown patches throughout my yard, irregular shaped some very small and others quite large, the grass around the edges seem quite healthy and dark green and this morning I noticed a line in my yard where the grass is starting to wilt and dry out. We have no dogs, just cats and the back yard is the worst. there is also no shaded areas where the brown spots are. I really want to get this problem fixed as the rest of the yard is beautiful. Can anyone give me suggestions on what to do and what to use for this problem as well as some general lawn care tips for this type of grass?

Thanks much:


svcrawf72 – posted 27 May 2004 19:01

Fertilize and water. I like the turf buider line, I would furtilize Turf Builder with 2% Iron, 2 weeks later Turf Builder with Summer Guard. This is what I have done and my low spots are catching up fast. Remeber, this forum is people advice so do anything at your own risk.

I started a new lawn this year, I have applied around 7 bags of Scotts this year. 1 more of Scotts summer guard in 2 weeks. You say “7”, yes 7 bags from Scotts Bonus S to turf builders and so on but it has been from this past Febuary. My grass is OUTSTANDING! I wouldn’t do this now of course in the middle of summer but what I said above will do wonder “TB 2% Iron and Sumerguard 2 weeks later”. Some might call me crazy but only do what you can afford to replace.

tharaga – posted 28 May 2004 05:17

thanks for the post, I’ll make a note of your suggestion. Any more replies from people are welcome.

Alex_in_FL – posted 05 June 2004 04:30

If I read the post correctly, the grass in the shade is doing okay. This makes me think of grubs/worms. I recommend putting out an insecticide with Bifenthrin as the active ingredient. It will take out chinch bugs and/or grubs (and ants too).

Good luck.

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