Canada Green Grass too good to be true?

Canada Green Grass too good to be true?

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Inoz – posted 17 May 2001 20:04

I just read an ad for Canada Green Grass. Sounds too good to be true. Supposedly it is drought resistant, stays green all year round even under snow, does not need fertilizer, etc. etc. Does anyone know what this is? Is it some kind of weed? or is it truly a hardy grass. I live in KS. Thanks

wdrake – posted 18 May 2001 03:58

Too good to be true? Probably. I have no first hand information or experience, but have seen the same ads you have. I found the following comments this morning at:

MC – posted 28 March 2002 18:14

I had a new house built and I purchased Canada Green Grass last September. I had a muddy mess until I planted the Canada Grass and in about a week I had a plush deep green lawn. I have not used fertilizer at all and it is still plush and green and weed free. I live in Maryland where we get all four seasons. My neighbors and family members keep asking me where they can get the grass seed. When searching for a web site where they could buy it, I came across this site. I truly recommend this grass seed. The only drawback I have discovered is that it does not stop growing, so I have to mow my lawn literally all year round. However my new riding lawn mower solves that issue.

wdrake – posted 29 March 2002 07:20

MC;Nice to know that (at least in your case) the advertising claims are true. Your report is so positive I wish the stuff would grow in the deep south. May try it anyway as I’m having poor results with warm season grasses. If you have the time, I’d be interested in a few follow-on “how’s it going” reports over the summer.

Bill DrakeNiceville FL

Marielle – posted 21 April 2002 08:28

I live in South Africa. I recently planted Canada Green Grass and it is growing really quickly. But just one question. I have been told from someone who also planted these seeds that the grass doesn’t spread. At the moment the grass is just sticking straight up and there are lots of spaces. Will it actually spread.

Joan – posted 17 July 2002 19:09

I’m willing to spend the money to try this Canada Green lawn. I just need to know if I can scatter it over my present lawn or do I have to do a lot of prep work. Thanks for your response.

wdrake – posted 18 July 2002 07:11

Joan; you’ll get better germination rate if you prep the soil or cover the seeds with new soil.

DSurber – posted 29 July 2002 18:03

Does this grass grow well in 50% shade?

dotscom@webtv.net – posted 06 September 2002 14:53

Re: Canada Green Grass

We planted our front lawn with this seed last year and it now it is mostly dead after having taken a long time to grow. We live in the Texas Hill Country and followed all the instructions. It looked great when it came up and we had high hopes, but they went down the tubes this summer when we saw it dying out. Don’t believe all the claims they say. I really think it depends on the climate where you live and the soil also as to how it will take. It is not for everyone

joannajb – posted 21 September 2002 21:03

The little birdies seem to be liking the seed. Have any sugg’s on how to keep them from eating all my bird seed I just bought?


Juzzab – posted 23 September 2002 08:42


I have heard that if you criss cross strands of dark thread across your seeded patch, this will deter birds.Hope this helps

Hello Dolly – posted 07 November 2002 14:56

The composition of Canada Green Lawn Seed is 41.3% creeping red fescue 30.0% Kentucky bluegrass 25.0% annual ryegrass 2.7% inert matter 0.5% other crop seed 0.5% weed seed

Quick growing and green up. This is the type of mixture used by developers in housing areas, but requires resewing each season. Check with your local nursery for what is suitable for your area. You will find it less expensive and more durable in the long run.

Wizard of Oz – posted 07 May 2003 22:18

re: “To good to be true”… Actually – it is amazing stuff. I live in KS and I love the stuff. I ordered 6 bags last fall and seeded with 4 of them. I used the 2 additional bags this spring just prior to the rainy weeks of April. I did the front and side yard and they have not looked this good in three years. I’m ordering more this week to ‘convert’ the remainder of the yard based on the testing that I’ve done in the front and side yards. This stuff is awesome. The yard looks professional. I mow twice a week. Trim once a week. And it looks like I have a service doing it… Great buy.

toneo – posted 19 May 2003 15:51

I just purchased 3 bags of this seed for my back yard (new house so no other grass has been planted). Also I live in Phoenix so we’ll see how it holds up to the Arizona heat. I’ll make a second entry after I plant. wish me luck

Loisann1 – posted 14 July 2003 15:13

Hello….Just bought the grass seed, my lawn really has lots of weeds and I’m hoping this stuff will work….Thanks for all the testimonials and will let you know how I like it……

AMC – posted 17 August 2003 07:12

Planted Canada Green this spring it looked beautiful, did not spread, left big gaps.Summer came and no matter what we did, it dried up, and now has completely disappeared. We did have some exceptionally hot weather, I am in Oklahoma. Found this site looking for more info. Get the bags a little blurb on the bags, but no real information when you buy.

nlaturftech – posted 27 September 2003 16:23

Doesn’t anyone do any research? It is clearly stated what is in this seed mix. Creeping Red fescue does not tolerate heat well…bluegrass is not a good choice in areas subject to turf disease ( such as brown patch )…and why would anyone want to seed 25% of their lawn with a grass species that will die in less than one year ( “annual” rye )?!!! P.T. Barnum is proven right yet again.

cnolans@cableaz.com – posted 14 October 2003 16:44

We live in Mesa and I’m thinking about buying some of this grass, how is it doing with the heat?

quote:Originally posted by toneo:I just purchased 3 bags of this seed for my back yard (new house so no other grass has been planted). Also I live in Phoenix so we’ll see how it holds up to the Arizona heat. I’ll make a second entry after I plant. wish me luck

toneo – posted 09 December 2003 10:28

This stuff came up in a matter of days and looks great. My only suggestion is to seed really heavily. My grasss came up beautifully, but thin. I’m buying more seed to lay down and thicken it up.

C – posted 30 January 2004 12:46

I am glad I found this site. After reading all the good and bad about canada grass, I’m not going to waste my money. I live in texasand it sure wont live in this summer heat.

TextronSaudi – posted 20 February 2004 22:35

Okay, I’m in an area where the Summer is probably hotter than most of you guys get (except maybe AZ). But Rye is not an all-year-round solution in a climate where temperatures get above “warm” in the Summer (70-ish or more)

Some of my soccer-field customers out here use a late-fall overseeding with Annual Rye on the top of their Bermuda (we get soil temps in the 30s in Winter and the Bermuda goes dormant and brown) But by March, the Rye is dying off with the heat (fortunately the Bermuda is “coming back” by then)

You can also get “perennial” Rye, which would save having to re-seed every year but, unless you are in the Northern states, you should either use a Bermuda (or Paspalum etc) as a “main” grass, or have a Bermuda/Rye “cycle” if your temperatures are too cold for the Bermuda to stay green in the Winter.

hugejay44 – posted 09 March 2004 19:28

toneo: Any more updates on the grass for high-heat climates such as AZ?

central kansan – posted 01 April 2004 18:39

Are the year 2003 Canada Green folks from Kansas still pleased with their grass? I just bought a couple of bags before reading this site and now I am wondering if I should return it.

mbeadle – posted 17 April 2004 15:39

quote:Originally posted by wdrake:Joan; you’ll get better germination rate if you prep the soil or cover the seeds with new soil.

does this canada grass seed really work or not. I live in Hawaii and I am looking for a fast growing grass that will choke out my weeds. Any sugg??

AmericanVet – posted 05 May 2004 22:09

Canada Green has proved very well for me here in Roswell New Mexico cold is not a factor and it has done very well in the heat, but as for choking out CrabGrass nope doesnt work it stayed light green through our light winter last year, only one problem ive found is some patch work takes 2-3 time to get it going

bryce@fsmail.co.uk – posted 28 June 2004 15:57

I live in the west coast of Scotland UK and have just bought this new Canada grass seed to try on my lawn which has gone patchy I thought i will give it a try and see what happens after all it is guarnteed, {no grow money back}I have read some of your testiomnials and see by them that canada green is using diffrent recipes for diffrent countries the one for here is 50%creeping red fescue-variety boreal {never heard of it} 25%perennial ryegrass-variety nuiand 25%smooth stalked meadow grass-variety balin, dont understand why they put annual ryegrass in some of their mixtures no good to anyone you need perennial grass seed for grass to constantly grow,no wonder it dies out after a season.by the way we in scotland get a lot of wet weather but in the last few years it has been hot and on days when the sun comes out it can be unbearable at times I think the ozone layer has a lot to do with the unusal weather we are expercing

kindest regards to everyone From Bryce


PS will let you all knowhow I get on with this grass seed.

Meosity – posted 30 June 2004 20:56

I have mixed feelings about the Canada Grass. Did lots of prep work and it came up but in patches. It needs to be planted very thick. I would go with Bermuda or St. Augustine depending on your area. However, St. Augstine is hard to find and you probably will have to buy it in plugs or sod. I live in Oklahoma. I still have patches of it in my yard but was unsatisfied with my results. Soil pH also plays a big part in how well it will grow.

Hope you all who will try it in the future have better luck than I did!

Ihear4@aol.com – posted 28 July 2004 07:32


jcbahr – posted 27 September 2004 18:51

Has anyone had any success planting Canada Green grass seed in Florida??

gride42 – posted 28 November 2004 12:46

I wanted a new lawn where there was none. I live in the High Desert of So.CA. The weather range is from 20 dergrees in winter and 105 in summer. I did a soil prep of adding bulk mulch to a sandy soil (that’s what we have here),put down a local sod and broadcast the Canada Green on top of it. It came in noticeably great, stayed green year round and the only additional work was a pre-mixed seasonal fertilizer, broadcasted monthly. Lawn has looked great for two full years. I think you get out what you put in.

dshadows – posted 30 November 2004 10:06

When do you suggest that you should put the seed down to get good quality out of it?


aw – posted 14 February 2005 21:28

Just came across this site as I was doing some research…this is driving me crazy: just some info for those who seem incredulous as to why an annual grass seed would be put into a blend…it has a very very short germination rate, while the more favoured grasses need up to 30 days to germinate!!! The annual grass is in there for a temporary filler, and it’s annual so that you eventually will not have it!!! It dies when your preferred species takes over!Makes sense, huh?

HillTex – posted 23 February 2005 08:52

AW—So I guess that means you are left with the fescue for all intents and purposes? Yes? Just received my first bag and noticed the contents and was disappointed it was not a true new seed, but put it out and will wait and see. Have so much wild perennial rye(seeded by mother nature)now what can it hurt. Will be interested to see how Arizona does with it.

golferrc – posted 21 March 2005 08:36

I figure what the heck, I’ll try it. Bermuda grass seems to be the best to use around here in Virginia Beach, VA, but I don’t like the way it turns brown in the winter and prefer not to overseed with perennial rye. I just ordered this seed and am testing it in one section. I’m going to try some other mixes in another section and will report back on my success. We can have some cold winters and hot, but humid, summers. I will keep you posted as to how this seed fares in this area.

Turfmiester – posted 21 March 2005 20:42

The label is the law. Read the label. Annual, Annual, Annual

Anne – posted 31 March 2005 13:45

my father is looking to grow grass in a shady area, does this grass work well in shade?


NiceGrass – posted 03 April 2005 00:48

How good is Canada Green for South Africa Western Cape Province, Paarl area conditions? Any experiences and recommendations?

NeedalawninVirginia – posted 04 April 2005 19:41

Is it true that you can just throw this seed down, without any prep work? Anyone try this?

Also I would be really interested to know if anyone has had any luck with this Canada Green grass in Virginia. I am in central Virginia. Thanks! RonB – posted 09 April 2005 15:25

I am having the same trouble that the person in Maryland had.

I planted Canada Green, actually overseeded the area, and then covered it with a quarter inch of super soil. The germination rate was not good. What came up was fine, but I am hoping it will spread because if it doesn’t there are going to be lots of patches without grass.

I have ordered another four pound bag.

Please tell me I’m not a misled individual.

The grass seed is expensive, and the ground, even before I put on the super soil was excellent. We live in California, so the weather has been very good.

I also didn’t use any kind of poison on the area. So far, about ten pounds of seed has covered about five hundred square feet, but the germination rate is not good. It’s been a month since the planting.

It’s going to have to spread, or I’m going to have to go get some seed at Home Depot.

I’m stumped.


Crissux – posted 13 April 2005 05:51

I was wondering about information of different mixes for different areaswhere can be found the descriptions?I’m From Estonia On shopping TV there were some Canadian forever-green grass ads in the past but I didn’t by then because I hadn’t got garden jetNow I cant find this Canada Green Grass Seed from store or some online-shop to deliver this to my country.Looking for more information I finally dropped here, can anybody give some leads like Where to keep looking ect

my contact on msn: just add @hotmail.com to my name

chunx – posted 13 April 2005 21:59

I did a lot of investigation on this grass. It is not suitable for all climates, and living in So California, it isn’t suitable. If you sow it in the spring, it will come up just like annual rye and look good. Then the stuff dies out. Do a search on Google and you’ll find a lot of information on this stuff. It’s not a good quality mix of grasses and it’s expensive for the mixture. It is not recommended for hot, dry, or elevations below 4,000 feet.

btb51 – posted 14 April 2005 13:20

Would this seed work well in New Jersey?

ricardog – posted 16 April 2005 10:23


Talking about Candian green grass. I live in Texas and I just bought the seeds. So far so good. I’ve planted it and we only have two seasons in Texas. Hot or Cold….

So far, it’s nice and green. Looks good to me….

Crushedlinen1@yahoo.com – posted 16 April 2005 16:04

I am also in Central Virginia I am about to place an order for Canada Green. I found the posts helpful. I know now to seed heavy and cover the yard well. I will post back and let you all know how it does here. I was originally thinking of doing the front and back yard but I will do a test on the front first and see how that does as you all now this stuff is expensive.

tygger from canada – posted 17 April 2005 18:36

I am a canadian live in central bc and was wondering if any canadians have had any luck with this canadian green grass Am very happy to here about all your success’ from every where else though.

tbankerd – posted 26 April 2005 14:34

quote:Originally posted by jcbahr:Has anyone had any success planting Canada Green grass seed in Florida??

I’ll let you know. I live in St. Augustine, Florida and I just planted the seed on April 26th, 2005.

PaulE – posted 28 April 2005 15:08

Best Buys DirectDept. #CG2000P.O. Box 450Wayne, NJ 07474

1000 sq ft (2 lbs) $14.95US plus 5.95 S&H2000 sq ft (4 lbs) $24.95 plus $6.95 S&H3000 sq ft (6 lbs) $29.95 plus $7.95 S&H10,000 sq ft (20 lbs) $115.00 FREE S&H

NO Good – posted 03 May 2005 12:35

I live in central Florida and I bought 10 bags of this stuff to do my yard and to have some left over for re-seeding….I prepared the yard as directed and planted the seeds and within 7 days bright green blades were showing up every where. My yard looked super and the stuff just kept getting bigger (growing more quickly than others ever have) and I was forced to mow some times twice a week ,,,I used a good regiment of fertilizers , actually Scotts Specialized late fall product…finally our rather mild winter with a few days dipping down to 39 degrees but usually upper 40’s and 5mid to upper 50’s. Thee grass kept on coming and I was very pleased and several people stopped by to ask me what I had used on my yard and of course I told them so they could purchase the product if they desired,,,,,,Now spring is come and gone with summer coming on and every bit of that green carped is now wilted brown threads,,,,,Sure it may look great for a while ,,,but I certainly wasted over $100 and I would warn others in florida to stay away from the stuff,,,,,as for getting my money back,,,forget it ,,,I took before planted photos,,,then took the green phots and then finally the dead grass photo’s….The company refuses to take call’s from me any more and they say it did grow just like stated,,,which is true,,,but the catch is ,,it doesn’t keep it up…..Write this one off to RIP OFF.

Not satisfied in Fla.

taken4afool – posted 11 May 2005 10:35

Are you kidding? Canadian Green is a joke!!! Their advertising is a typical advertising ploy we should all be used to by now. Unfortunately I took the bait too. It came up great the first summer… amazing!!! After an extremely mild winter in Indiana…POOF! NO GRASS, NO TRACE OF IT. Maybe my mix was all annual ryegrass, who knows? Ever wonder why it’s still not available at your local garden center or Major Home Improvement Center? Hmm? There must be a reason. If you have not spent the money yet go buy some lottery tickets… you’ll have a better chance.

bobzee – posted 22 May 2005 11:54

We purchased some of this grass seed from a home shopping t.v. show and have been extremely disappointed! We live in northern california and the lawn was spotted with areas that grew longer than others, and what looked like weeds. It has been growing for about 4 months or so and now it is turning brown like hay in some spots and tall green fescue in others. We do not recommend this product and will be ripping it out soon!

quote:Originally posted by Inoz:I just read an ad for Canada Green Grass. Sounds too good to be true. Supposedly it is drought resistant, stays green all year round even under snow, does not need fertilizer, etc. etc. Does anyone know what this is? Is it some kind of weed? or is it truly a hardy grass. I live in KS. Thanks

Nell – posted 23 May 2005 17:30

I have lots of shade and I just could not get anything to grow. My HOA told me my yard was a mess and get it “better”. I had great results and my neighbors – in my townhouse row – have commented on my wonderful grass. I live in Maryland and have had great results. I have just ordered more. I heard about this on QVC and was skeptical. It’s absolutely the best I’ve tried.

Stevet – posted 23 May 2005 19:55

Strange…I live in Canada and have never heard of the stuff! Makes me suspicious that they sell it everywhere else, yet are afraid to sell it at home.

krowman – posted 27 May 2005 03:29


quote:Originally posted by PaulE:Best Buys DirectDept. #CG2000P.O. Box 450Wayne, NJ 07474

1000 sq ft (2 lbs) $14.95US plus 5.95 S&H2000 sq ft (4 lbs) $24.95 plus $6.95 S&H3000 sq ft (6 lbs) $29.95 plus $7.95 S&H10,000 sq ft (20 lbs) $115.00 FREE S&H

SUEGREEN – posted 29 May 2005 14:42


mitebcraz from georgia – posted 31 May 2005 07:32

Has anyone tried this grass in georgia? I live in the atlanta metro area and my lawn looks terrible with some kind of weeds I can’t identify growing in my back yard which is mostly georgia red clay and rocks. I am looking for a grass seed that will grow on this terrain. If anyone has any answers please let me know

Ms Green Jeans – posted 05 June 2005 13:44

Detroit, Mi …Love Canada Green! We have overseeded with it the last 2 years in the Fall; we didn’t till the soil or use topsoil at all. Our grass is gorgeous – thick and green with very few weeds and it grows like mad! People stop to ask about our turf regularly; even our landscaper wanted to know what we’ve been doing. Can’t recommend it enough!

tbankerd – posted 26 July 2005 12:14

quote:Originally posted by tbankerd: I’ll let you know. I live in St. Augustine, Florida and I just planted the seed on April 26th, 2005.

Well, it’s now July 26th, 2005 and the rye has died off leaving a patchy, almost non-existant cover of spindley half inch high grass.

I won’t be buying any more of this stuff. I haven’t even used all of it that I bought. Another expensive lesson.

tree_lady – posted 28 August 2005 20:19

I wouldn’t waste my money! $9.00 per pound for creeping red fescue ond perenial rye! You be better off spending your money on ‘Rebel’ fescue blend from Home Depot or Lowes.

repeattutu – posted 04 September 2005 19:03

I cannot say enough GOOD THINGS about Canadaian grass seed I live by the ocean my “lawn WAS only crab grass and sand and harn red clay I did nothing but throw the seed out and WOW weeks later I am getting a LAWN I can’t wait to buy MORE

QWERTY – posted 05 September 2005 07:57


Ya’ll could have gotten same thing at Lowes, Walmart, whatever. They’re probably perenial rye grasses. They grow all year up north but they die in the summer in the south. They are COOL weather grasses. Rye grasses are commonly used to overseed lawn in the south during cool weather to keep having green lawn in the middle of the winter. They look pretty nice if properly prepared. I’ve done it before for the backyard to keep the soil together because of the dogs. Less muddy that’s for sure.

Refuse to be Conned – posted 16 February 2006 00:00

People, this is just regular old grass seed being sold with an infomercial. You can get a similar “mix” at your local Lowes, Walmart, K-Mart, etc. Your best bet is to go to a local landscape/nursery store where they sell seed in bulk and mix your own mix according to what is tried and true in your area. Even Tractor supply sells it in bulk bins that you can mix accordingly.(local feed stores may sell in bulk also) The Canada Green is not a new seed, just a mix that you can match for yourself for about 1 to 2 dollars a pound.


sc – posted 27 February 2006 17:26

how would this work in the upstate of south carolina? I DO NOT mind re-seeding every spring if thats what it takes. I have a pretty full bermuda/fescue lawn now but it needs help. What do you think?

Sandy – posted 21 April 2006 15:54

I live in Jacksonville Florida I orderd the Canada Green seeds because my grass was near Dead due to moles etc.. so I had nothing to lose thats why I ordered the seeds and Wow my lawn is now a Deep lush beautiful Green I can’t beleive it and is constantly grows. The only thing is that it need not completely get rid of my weeds but most of the weeds are gone. My husband still continue to use our Fertilizer when its due. But if anyone grass is dead, half dead, or near dead or just not as green as you would like it this stuff really works!!

Lizard500 – posted 02 June 2006 18:53

I have read all the postings on this grass. I planted canada green grass on a Monday and by that friday morning I had green grass coming up. I have a 50% shade yard, and the grass doesn’t seem to be picky about sun or no sun. I think the success of your lawn depends on what you put into it. I tilled the lawn, spread the seed by hand and used a garden weasel to push the seeds into the soil. I then packed the soil by just stepping on it making it level. I kept the ground moist. Now three weeks later, I have a nice green lawn. Ya there are spots where it is thin, due to my hand spreading of the seeds, but I am happy and will keep you posted on how it does. I live in Tucson Arizona. Oh one more thing,….I am not in any way getting any profit from this posting. This is a true post. I don’t work for the canada green company. One of the previous posts made it sound like the only reason positive posts were being left for this grass is because we have a connection to the company. Hey, maybe the one who posted that listing works for another grass company and is trying to keep others from buying canada green grass…..Maybe all the negative listings for this grass are from people who work for this person who is so negative toward canada green grass…..

gardener – posted 03 June 2006 15:17

Does anyone know if this grass will grow in Pennsylvania? I have a really big yard in Pa and the soil is very fertile. Summers are very humid and in the winter, it would be covered with snow for a few months. Has anyone tried it in Pa?I ordered some of it, so if not, I guess I’ll post up how it does.

Brenden – posted 10 June 2006 00:43

Here’s my take on this “magic grass.” By dicecting it into it’s various cultivars: 41+% creeping red fescue,(shade tolerant, cool season grass) 30% Ky. Bluegrass (cool/transition zone, full sun grass, spreads by rhizomes.) and roughly 25% annual rye.(an overseeder for warm season grasses during the dormant season.(all ryegrass’ are “bunchgrasses, meaning no rhyzomes or stolons.(does not fill in damage)) Unless you are in the correct cliamate zone it dose not matter what “super grass” you sow. If the varieties do not match the cliamate you will be hard pressed to get the optimal results. When choosing a seed you must first look at what cliamate you live in. If you live in a warm climate Ky. Bluegrass/Rye(Perenial,annual to an extent) mix will not thrive as they are bred for cool/transition zones. Also, creeping red fescue will not thrive in full sun and will not do well under certain mowing conditions, ie. under 1.5″. The marketing personel behind this turf type variety have done well selling thier product, but beware: This variety is not a cure all when it comes to a drought, disease, stress resistance. The bottom line…. If it does not thrive in your cliamate, DO NOT SOW IT!!!! I live in the Pacific Northwest and I would not try to establish Bermuda, St. Augistine or Zoisia: The reason; it does not thrive under my conditions. If you live somewhere hot, whether its arid of humid I would stay away from this grass. If you live somewhere where this variety thrives and your grass is thin you may need to wait a while (the Ky. Blue will fill in over time as it spreads by rhyzomes) or overseed it with a perenial rye. (cool season)

dennis – posted 09 July 2006 19:03

quote:Originally posted by mitebcraz from georgia:Has anyone tried this grass in georgia? I live in the atlanta metro area and my lawn looks terrible with some kind of weeds I can’t identify growing in my back yard which is mostly georgia red clay and rocks. I am looking for a grass seed that will grow on this terrain. If anyone has any answers please let me know

yes i live in dacula georgia my lawn was full of barespots and i was envy of treated lawns in the community so i took charge i bought canada green and overseeded and applied a small amount of fertilizer with it in less than 5 days i have golf course green lawn thats very thick and lushes my kids now can walk barefoot on it without feeling a hard surface of the sod. i am very pleased with this seed and i will buy more to finish the backyard . i now have people observing my lawn with envy i love it!! i am planning to overseed once again lightly and see how the winter affects it i hope all goes well throughout but you should definetly try it.

csedgewood – posted 09 January 2007 00:29

I got Canada Green 2 1/2 years ago for my dogs yard. It surpasses all! It does spread aggressively though, maybe not a bad thing. I live in New Mexico and the 1st summer, after I planted it in the fall, we had a drought. I thought it was dead; my yard was bare of any grass except the sparce native grass, but not to worry, as soon as it started to rain a little, it started growing and became a lush, brilliant emerald green again. It was green all winter, and last summer it was beautifully thick and reminded me of Kentucky Bluegrass, but more of an emerald green color. I just got 18 inches of snow and it was green underneath my shoveling, Now I want some for the rest of my 1/2 acre.

csedgewood – posted 09 January 2007 00:51

To answer some of your questions: I did no prep work, I just broadcast it one time (fall-2004) in mostly bare dogyard; I live at 7,500 feet, very hot and desert dry with annual rainfall only at 14 inches; it thrives in shade and sun; my only bare areas are where the dog paths are; I fertilize spring and fall by broadcasting cornmeal; and I bought mine through “Home Improvments” catalog; it has now spread to the side yard – adjacent to my dog yard – and has crowded out the weeds.

Indyfans – posted 10 March 2007 12:42


This company has just included advertisements in our regional newspaper (Long Island, New York). The list their address as: Dept. #CG3000, PO Box 450, Wayne, N.J. 07474. After reading all the testimonials and complaints I’m going to go to my local nursery supply company AGWAY and get seed suited for my area. Good luck with your problem.

Indyfans – posted 10 March 2007 12:53

This reply is for all the people who could not get an address or satisfaction from a company called ‘BEST BUYS DIRECT’ who sells the Canadian green grass seed. The company has just advertised in our local paper (from Long Island, New York) and their address is listed as Dept. #CG3000, PO Box 450, Wayne, NJ 07474. Hope this helps.

jotis – posted 07 April 2007 17:58

It is. Its just a mix of Annual and Ryegrass/Blugrass.

nm4elk – posted 09 May 2007 15:40

Canada Grass works great. I did a small part of my yard last spring that regular grass was not taking hold. By mid summer the Canada Grass was coming up nice. Yes, it is draught resistant. I live in Albuquerque NM where our summers are 98 plus and we get very little rain. My regular grass I have to water it twice a day to keep it. The Canada Grass I water half as much and only twice a week. It did turn brown over the winter. Now it is a lush green and looking great. I’m going to buy more of it and reseed the rest of my yard. It’s that good.

Makayla – posted 18 May 2007 15:37

I ordered this and used it on my existing lawn to help grow in areas that were not green enough and to croud out weeds, as well as to grow a bare spot in the back yard. Even after the snow melted, the Canada Green grass was green! It’s a pretty fine grass at first, but it is so lush, it feels great on your feet! I would reccomend using more than what is recomended per sqare foot, as I think it needs more coverage, but it took right away, I started seeing results in less than a week and this year my grass looks better than anyone elses on the block, which says a lot for a Minnesota winter!

alphonso – posted 21 May 2007 16:33

Hi I plant some Canada grass seeds within 3 days It started to grow within 1 week It was lush and green.I recommend anyone to buy this grass seeds It really works I will continue to buy this grass seeds hopefully one day I’ll get a discount. Alphonso Seldon

Watchers – posted 17 February 2008 09:25

Yes,I got ripped too!We should report them to the (BBB) and (www.ripoff.com)This is nothing but overpriced grass seed that anyone can mix themselves.

bigboatsailor – posted 26 March 2008 10:07

This is the mix I copied off of another site for this “miracle” Canada Grass. For those who want to mix your own, go for it.

48.9% Creeping Red Fescue 25.6% Annual Ryegrass 20.3% Kentucky Bluegrass 2lb. bag (Covers Approximately 1,000 square feet)

We had a house up in northern Wisc and used lots of creeping red fescue & annual ryegrass. This was not a suburban type lawn. Just something to keep the hill from erroding and had maybe 95% shade. The blend of fescue and annual ryegrass worked fine up there. I tried something similar as this Canada stuff which included some Kentucky Bluegrass from Vigaro last year at my suburban Chicago house and it failed to make it through the summer. Yeh, it came up fast and green and survived up until late August. It’s now the end of March and I’m right back where I started…lots of bare spots and mud and it has nothing to do with dog or human traffic. Around here, about the only thing that works for me is getting Kentucky blue to take or spend big bucks and sod. My sod job from 20 years ago is still thriving.

I’m so glad I read everyone’s comments about this not-so-special grass. I was just about to send a check off to Wayne, NJ. If you feel the need to contact them, you can get their real address & phone number if you Google “Best Buys Direct Wayne NJ”. Here’s the phone number 973-628-8100

tiffanykinsey – posted 04 October 2008 23:34

quote:Originally posted by ricardog:Hello,

Talking about Candian green grass. I live in Texas and I just bought the seeds. So far so good. I’ve planted it and we only have two seasons in Texas. Hot or Cold….

So far, it’s nice and green. Looks good to me….

What part of Texas do you live in…I live 20 minutes North of Dallas in Denton …I’m interested in planting Canada Green Grass …TIA…Tiff

desperateinohio – posted 06 April 2009 09:52

Iam in Ohio and need to know if anyone has info on a grass seed that thrives in sandy soil and is resilent

ginnym – posted 22 May 2009 09:00

I just want to say that canada green is great grass seed. When our son passed away 14 years ago I tried every thing on the lot but the only thing that worked was canada green. They guarantee it will be growing in 10 days and it did. We only planted it the once and we still have a great looking lot.

geg – posted 27 January 2010 11:02

i live in the uk(south wales) can anybody tell me when would be the best time for me to sow canada grass?

ricsin1 – posted 30 January 2010 23:57

does anyone know the EARLIEST i can overseed my fescue lawn. I use a lawncare company and they like everyone else is AGAINST a spring seeding. they say the new grass wont be developed enough by summer yada yada….. i believe them… but i really think that IF DONE EARLY ENOUGH i can get SOME grass to come up and last until the FALL when I’ll aerate and overseed again…..

my question is HOW SOON can I put this seed down.. It is Jan 31st… what about MID-FEB 2010 after a good cross core aeration… that should be enough time ( 1st day of spring is March 20,2010 ) …

I am in Atlanta, GA 30314 zip code….what are your thoughts….

sweett2 – posted 24 March 2010 21:58

hi I live in glendale and I would like to know if u still have great looking grass.

quote:Originally posted by toneo:This stuff came up in a matter of days and looks great. My only suggestion is to seed really heavily. My grasss came up beautifully, but thin. I’m buying more seed to lay down and thicken it up.

ecm22 – posted 10 July 2010 22:14

I got the canada green grass 2 weeks ago and I’m glad i did. I had beautiful grass in about 8 days and it looks great. I’d recommend it to anyone looking to get a nice looking lawn fast. I got it here if anyone is looking to buy it. Well worth the $15. Hope this helped


Shuckapeafarms – posted 01 August 2010 13:18

As a construction worker for over 35 years I can lend a few comments here.First, a good healthy green plush lawn requires GOOD soil! Builders are notorious for stripping the top soil prior to selling lots. They then want to sell you back for a very hefty price what rightfully was yours to begin with. So if you are buying a piece of land you may want to verify through soil testing that the top soil has not been stripped from the parcel.Secondly, since the terrorist have used ampho for their agenda, it is no longer available in the USA to the general public. I used to use this on my farm and the results were incredible. The fertilizers today in my opinion are lacking.Third, you need to plant the type of seed consistant with your geographic location. St Augustine and Behia are two common Florida grasseshowever, others may grow as well. I see a lot of Kentucky Bluegrass on the shelves at local nurseries. The rye grasses are more commonly found in the northern areas of the US.Hyroseed is another method that does really well in the north but I’m not familiar with it’s use here in Florida. I see the construction companies using a lot of “turf” squares.No one can tell you how to get your lawn like a golf course without having soil testing! You need to know what is there in nutrients and minerals and what is lacking! If something is lacking you will need to add it to the soil. Don’t let anyone tell you it can’t be grown because the soil is sand!!! I have seen some pretty plush lawns and landscaping done over my 35 years in the construction industry in sandy soil you would think nothing would grow!So in my opinion the first step is testing the soil-which is not drastically expensive. Then I would add the nutrients required to neutralize the soil and use a grass seed know to prevail in that geographic area. Good maintainence, fertilization, weeding, and watering should give the desired results.

slade – posted 19 August 2010 09:29

I live in England and have sown Canada green Grass Seed.It took a little longer than 14 days but it has produced a tough green lawn.I got mine on the internet athttp://www.boydsdirect.co.uk/acatalog/canada_green-grass-seed.html

brad527 – posted 17 May 2012 07:21

I live in South Florida. Prepared the soil perfectly. First time I used a little starter fertilizer after it started growing. It all died in about a week, Thought it might be the fertilizer, so prepared the soil again. Came up beautifully in about a week. I watered 3 to 4 times a day, lightly. Died in a week!!! Will not work in extreme climates. Very disappointed. My first try at growing and was excited when it came up.

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