Burmuda all of a sudden turning brown?

Burmuda all of a sudden turning brown?

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tino72 – posted 17 July 2004 21:14

My burmuda grass the last few days has been turning brown and discolored in several parts of my yard,The yard almost looks like a camoflage color?? The neighbors on both sides Burmuda looks good , just seems mine is doing this, i do get Chemlawn treatments and it was done on the 9th, seems it was done with Dry fertilizer this time,i didnt see his note til today he had been here and treated, i havent watered it til tonight, im hoping this was not caused by this? or could i have some grass desease, help, seems to be getting worse…..Looks like 2 people had a lawnmower duel in my yard with different blade heights…

Alex_in_FL – posted 20 July 2004 13:04

Call Chemlawn and tell them what you posted and ask them to back and look at your yard. They should do that for free. If they don’t I would change services in a heartbeat. You are hiring professionals not joe-bob with a spray nozzle.

ted – posted 20 July 2004 20:32

sounds like a misapplication on the lawn- it possibly can be corrected- you should have watered earlier, but you may not have had notice- you can request of chemllawn to call you first in the future.

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