Bermuda Triangle over St. A

Bermuda Triangle over St. A

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Gatorinfla – posted 13 February 2008 22:01

I’m planning to transition my St. Augustine lawn over to Bermuda Triangle this Spring…Whats the best and easiest method of getting the bermuda established?I’ve read a few posts that say to roundup, scalp, then sod. But I’ve not seen anything concerning seeding.I’m in Jacksonville and the time’s getting near. Can’t wait to start!Thanks for any and all help.

tgrass1 – posted 04 April 2008 09:55

Round up should work to kill off the St. Aug. I would remove any dead vegetation after the herbicide has done it’s work. Scratch the surface of the ground by raking or lightly tilling. You need to have a firm seed bed to plant. Make sure if you till it’s not too fluffy. This seed is small and only needs to be planted about 1/8″ deep. Seed soil contact is a key component to successful germ. Broadcast the seed at the recommended rate and cover it about 1/8″. Keep it watered if you are not getting any rain. No herbicides until after you have establishment (usually after you’ve mowed 2-3 times). Bermuda triangle is a great improved variety blend.

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