Bad Weed!

Bad Weed!

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leweezo – posted 31 March 2013 13:56

I have a weed that is growing in my Jamur and it has been tough to kill. It comes up and grows over the top of the grass and lays ontop of it like a rug. I am adding linksto flickr with pics of it and was wondering if anyone could identify it.. Thanks



aleicgrant – posted 31 March 2013 14:03


leweezo – posted 31 March 2013 18:55

no its ot really tiny leaves and grows in a bunch. lmost like a moss in a lake.

ken4255 – posted 01 April 2013 12:40

My guesses:

1. chickweed2. common buttonweed3. Virginia buttonweed

I suggest spraying it with something that contains triclopyr, such as Ortho chickweed and clover killer.

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leweezo – posted 01 April 2013 17:07

Thanks so much, I didnt know they had a clover killer

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