almost time for new growth

almost time for new growth

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aleicgrant – posted 10 February 2013 20:10

excited to see what spring brings. did a fall dethatch and Milorganite treatment. About to lay another in 3 to 4 weeks (spring seems to come earlier every year here in Orlando FL)

Hope this year is better than last.

pyro – posted 12 February 2013 23:35

werd same here…mine has been pretty brown. i plan on throwing down some type of greener here soon to help bring it back to 2010 standards. i’ve been slacking in the “care about the lawn” category.

i will add that i went by the local john deere and they told me to use some 9-0-24. anyone else use this stuff before? he said it should green it up nicely

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aleicgrant – posted 14 February 2013 07:40


ezf – posted 16 February 2013 00:38

I have learned that it’s better to feed zoysia some N only during the summer. In the Spring lower N level in the soil forces zoysia to use the sugar produced during photosynthesis to develop the roots, achieving better drought tolerance during the summer.

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