6mo old Zoysia – We need help!

6mo old Zoysia – We need help!

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KrazyKat97 – posted 27 November 2014 08:58

We live in Central Florida and installed Jamur zoysia in May & June 2014. It stayed very green until August. We slowly decreased the amount of days we watered it until it was down to 2-3 times per week. The first week of August was very hot and everybody’s grass (all types) looked stressed. About 3 weeks after that very hot week, BioGreen sprayed the yard (as they have done each month since the beginning). Within days we noticed a kind of circular pattern to some yellowing of the grass. Imagine the sweeping pattern you might leave when spraying something. Since then we have seen more of the grass yellow and brown. We increased water (to the tune of a high water bill). But the greening that we see is so very slow. We didn’t want to initially blame BioGreen for this, but they have NOT been successful in getting it to recover. The guy who comes out keeps leaving notes about watering more – which we have and we can’t have water bills that are half a mortgage payment or more each month! Sprinkler heads have been replaced in some areas to rotary heads and some moved for more coverage (but the original set up seemed to work before August). Our side yard still looks awesome even though it had showed signs of stress in August too. What can we do?

mrmumbels – posted 05 December 2014 16:07

Got any pictures?Don’t be bagging your clippings. The organic material needs to be in the soil for zoysia not to go into it’s drought phase every few days.At this time of year you will barely notice any recovery as it’s not really growing.Zoysia is very very slow to recover so you never want to let it go.Have fun, it’s a touch grass to figure out since so few know much about it. You’ll see my posts all over as I struggled for 6 years in my old house. My new house has zoysia too but much less.

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