1 or 2 yrs internship program

1 or 2 yrs internship program

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J – posted 30 April 2006 02:45

I ‘m going to graduate in turf management (Master of Agriculture). I ‘m looking for internship (1 or 2 yrs period) in golf course in US or any other country (tropical area). I interest in warm season grass. I live in CA.


SuperTurF – posted 06 July 2006 21:00

I can get you one in Texas if interested?

J – posted 11 July 2006 17:34

quote:Originally posted by SuperTurF:I can get you one in Texas if interested?

I interest. Could you give detail?

SuperTurF – posted 13 July 2006 15:25

There are many places I hear about that are great for interns. Dallas Country Club, Tere Verde in Dallas, Georgetown Texas, Layitas Texas, Abliene Country Club, and many more. If there any specific areas in Texas, Green types big company or small company you name it just give me of a full description for what you are looking for and I can find you what you need.


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