yellowish St. Augustine…palmetto

yellowish St. Augustine…palmetto

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pravolar – posted 10 December 2003 05:59

I live on a barrier island on the Gulf Coast in Florida. I have a Palmetto lawn which is turning yellowish in color. Please advise me as to what I need to do to get it back to a darker green color. Thanks for any help!

Dchall_San_Antonio – posted 11 December 2003 11:41

If you have fertilized recently, you might look at iron. Have you had your soil tested to see if it has the right balance of calcium, magnesium, and sodium? If you don’t have the salts right, it almost doesn’t matter what you try.

pravolar – posted 12 December 2003 04:22

Thank you for replying. I have owned this home for 7 years and have slowly been planting plugs to extend my lawn. I did fertilize in April of this year but that was the only time I ever did. Do you think it may have too much iron? What about cinch bugs? Someone mentioned that to me. I will try to find a soil testing place. I am not looking to have the “perfect” lawn as I am only here for 5 months of the year but I would like to restore it to it’s former dark green color. Also, can you give me some watering advice? Thanks again for your time,

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