Winter Dead or Year Round Green

Winter Dead or Year Round Green

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GreenGreenGrass – posted 18 December 2009 07:48

I am in eastern North Carolina, and I have Centipede Grass and of course it is brown this time of year (Mid December) would Zoysia be a greener choice or what grass would be low maintnance and remain green year round????????????????

tommy – posted 18 December 2009 14:51

Zoysia turns brown also. Warm season grasses have to be seeded with a cool season grass in the fall- in order to have good winter color. If you want the best of both worlds, go with tall fescue. A local sod farm can give you info on what type is best for your area. Make sure you apply a good balanced fertilizer to your fecue around mid Oct. If this is not done, your fescue will brown out in cold weather.

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