Wild violets

Wild violets

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kah – posted 25 July 2004 21:10

What can be used to kill or control the spread of wild violets -Violaceae. I understand it is a tough weed to control/kill. Centipede seems to need low rates of herbicides and violets need a lot. Suggestions on soil conditions that create growing conditions for violets and corrective action are also needed.

ted – posted 01 August 2004 13:46

violets are tough- try confront- or actually, ( although it sounds nuts!) i’ve of people painting roundup on them with a paintbrush. as usual, weeds tend to pop up in areas where it’s hostile to turfgrass, or there’s poor maintenance practices.try soil testing it.

tafische – posted 08 August 2004 22:19

I have been using Ortho Weed-B-Gone Chickweed, Clover and Oxalis Killer for Lawns mixed with regular Weed-B-Gone.

Seems to be getting them under control. This is on Bermuda, which it is not recommended for, but it still seems to work pretty well. I would rather damage the bermuda a bit, than be taken over by Violets.

It is my understanding that it is best to really hit these things hard in fall. It takes a bunch of applications to control, but I am not sure I will ever get rid of them….

BTW – I hate wild Violets!

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