When is it too late to plant rye grass?

When is it too late to plant rye grass?

eeskew1 – posted 30 October 2001 15:51

I organize flag football and softball games at LSU in Baton Rouge, LA. Our games are played on 3 large softball fields of bermuda grass. We usually overseed the fields with rye grass to protect them during the winter. What is the latest we can plant rye grass in order to have them in good playing condition in early February?

bhenson – posted 03 November 2001 16:17

i would find something better to overseed with on an athletic field. Ryegrass is a “bunch type” grass, this means that only roots plenish the grass, if a softball player tears the field with her cleat. The ryegrass won’t grow back. Weeds are what will grow there. You need to find a grass like Rough Bluegrass that will form roots and stolons. Ryegrass is more of a old stand by for overseeding on Bermuda Grass. Alot of golf courses down there in the south have been using Rough Bluegrass, GIVE IT A TRY! P.S.It also repairs itself pretty well from say a cleat tear!

captbunch18 – posted 29 November 2004 22:09

When is the latest you can overseen with this?

captbunch18 – posted 29 November 2004 22:15

quote:Originally posted by captbunch18:When is the latest you can overseen with this?

I am now registered, please let me know. I am a high school softball coach in Texas and want to make my field look as good as possible.

tahoekid – posted 01 December 2004 22:01

Overseed with ryegrass now, unless it is freezing. Rake the lawn well first then overseed. Maybe throw a couple of bags of Kellogs topper. Do not use manure unless you like weeds in the spring. Finally, it must be watered.

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